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Adbhut Rajasthan is one of India’s leading travel agencies and package tour providers. With a sound experience of over 18 years, Adbhut Rajasthan has proved itself to be the most reliable and efficient among its counterparts in north-western India.

At Adbhut Rajasthan, it is our policy to provide a first-rate personalized service to all of our clients from the initial inquiry stages, to the completion of the tour. At Adbhut Rajasthan, we pride ourselves on providing a service with a personal touch that tailors each and every vacation to your own specific tastes, needs and budget.

Our intimate, first-hand knowledge of India and specially Rajasthan and the operators with whom you will share your experience, enables us to offer you the very best. Our philosophy of working with you at every stage of the planning process allows us to fine tune your requirements whether it be your accommodation, internal travel plans or anticipated activities.

At Adbhut Rajasthan we have close working relationships with a huge variety of hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, resorts, self-catering accommodation and motels – it is therefore our utmost goal to ensure we match the appropriate accommodation to your specific requirements. Similarly, we deal with a large selection of transport providers which includes rental cars, domestic flights and the train services, as well creating customized tours.

We believe that has the ultimate selection of packaged holiday tours. We can offer a huge variety of holidaying and travelling options which range from restful to recreational, to family friendly adventure tours.

Adbhut Rajasthan is your complete India travel agency – our excellent customer service, our large range of travel options and our excellent attention to detail means you will have an experience of your life-time.

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The best added value we can offer to those who choose to buy a Best Tours vacation lies in the experience acquired over so many years of activity and especially in our love for travel, which enables us, day after day, to offer something more to our customers. For them we have selected many of the most exciting destinations, the most exclusive itineraries, the most comfortable hotels, with a special focus on solutions designed to satisfy the specific requirements of an Italian clientele, offering a choice between pure relaxation holidays, cultural tours and special packages combining culture and leisure, and, for those wishing to concentrate the emotions of a journey in a few days, the opportunity to do so over the span of a weekend.


Rajasthan is our home and thanks to our strong experience we at Adbhut Rajasthan are able to offer travel solutions in every corner of our wonderful state. This applies in particular, to Jaipur, a City which captures the beauty of Rajput Architecture with Modern Architecture, where nature and history vie to capture the hearts and minds of travelers, a place that resonates with the fascination of history. Jodhpur, a.k.a. the “Sun City” on account of the warm hospitality of its people and the grandeur of the Palaces in the City and around it; Udaipur, a genuine Garden of Eden under an equatorial sky and custodian of an enchanted hidden paradise: and finally, the lesser known Forts and Palaces that not only capture your imagination but leave you spellbound with the history that they have and the time that they have seen. Jaisalmer the sunny “City of Gold,” the city that captures the best of Thar Desert and what it has to offer, including offering unforgettable cultural experiences such as Folk Music, Folk Dances like World famous Kalbeliyas. Chittorgarh where a natural setting of extraordinary beauty is the backdrop of an ancient, highly refined civilization.


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Private Transport

Travel in comfort and style with our private transport services, ensuring a seamless and personalized journey through Rajasthan's scenic landscapes.


Diverse Destinations

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Rajasthan's diverse destinations, from the grandeur of palaces to the calmness of desert oasis and all in between.


Great Hotels

Experience the luxury of hospitality as we provide exceptional accommodations in Rajasthan's finest hotels, making your stay truly memorable.


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With our efficient and user-friendly booking process, secure your dream vacation swiftly and effortlessly, leaving you more time to anticipate the adventures that await.

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